Flutter T507 Sid Dickens Memory Block


Flutter T507

Inscription: ‘Unfurl you graceful painted wings, Begin an exquisite journey to freedom.’


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Flutter T507

Flutter T507 Sid Dickens Block is part of the 2020 – SPRING: THE DAYDREAM Collection

About This Collection

Sid Dickens’ Spring 2020 Collection witnesses the renewal and awakening of nature. It revels in the optimism of the season with the familiar sights, sounds, and scents.

Revived by the warmth of the sun, the landscape sheds its blanket of snow. Hellebores emerge from the soil and stretch from their long slumber.

Camellias and May bells express their delight to the warming world with vibrant colours and fresh smells.

The creatures follow, emerging from the waters, nests, and hollows, as they great the new season.

Finches sing a carefree song from the branches above, while baritone frogs croak from the ponds below.
In the revitalizing Spring air, a ballet commences.

Butterflies delicately flutter on painted wings and dragonflies dart by in shimmering streaks for colour. Stirred by nature’s performance, a reverie pervades the mind of an observer.

A vision of the purest garden where a tree-petalled flower blooms into a virtuous trinity. Its vivid beauty is a natural wonder, inspiring a belief that a sacred power lies within all life.

As the flora and fauna of Spring awakens, an uplifting atmosphere is created for all to enjoy.
Fresh and rejuvenated, nature awaits the journey ahead.

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Size: 6X8 in. | Please note that slight differences, when compared to the image, should be expected due to the handmade nature of the blocks.


Stunning handmade porcelain blocks by sculptor Sid Dickens, each unique in their own way and with a beautiful inscription on the reverse of each block.

Size: 6 x8 inches

Inscription: ‘Unfurl you graceful painted wings, Begin an exquisite journey to freedom.’

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Dimensions 15.24 × 20.32 cm