Imperial Crown T552 Sid Dickens Memory Block


Imperial Crown T552 Sid Dickens Memory Block

Inscription: “Magnificent and victorious, this life is yours to expand.”

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Imperial Crown T552 Sid Dickens Memory Block

This block is part of the new Spring 2022 Collection, about this collection:

Sid Dickens’ 2022 Spring Collection beckons the new season with familiar motifs and an aura of enchantment.
Spring is a season of change: the earth transforms as flowers bloom and birdsong awakens us. A small caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly in ‘Chrysalis,’ while ‘Palmistry’ and ‘Spellbound’ show us the magic that is all around us – we just have to slow down like the ‘Fearless Wanderer’ to see it.

A dawning spring not only brings about a transformation in nature but an internal change within ourselves. ‘Lady Justice’ represents the ideal that we are all equal, while ‘Strength’ serves as a reminder that we have the ability to persevere through the ebb and flow of life. Finally, two crowns christen the collection, a call back to Sid’s classic designs.

Let’s together revel in nature this spring and take in the many lessons it has to teach us.


Sid Dickens’ Memory Blocks are made of a high quality porcelain-like plaster, free of any toxic solvents. He creates his own handmade 6” x 8” polyurethane moulds, which are used several times before disposal. Plaster is manually poured into the molds and left to harden.  The blocks are left to dry naturally and then stored in a muffled kiln to release any remaining moisture.

Once the Memory Block is dry, hand-crafted and top-coated, the decorating stage begins. Different techniques of glazing, gilding, and staining are methodically applied in layers to achieve the colour,  texture and desired finish. Many of the Memory Blocks also contain metals (iron paint, gold and silver leaf, etc)– leading to a tactile and reflective texture.

Due to the hand made nature of the products finishes may vary

Size: 6 x 8 inches

Inscription on the reverse: “Magnificent and victorious, this life is yours to expand.”