Insight T515 Sid Dickens Memory Block


Insight T515

inscription: “Descending with a whisper, this wise spectator, holds the key for what we seek”



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Insight T515

insight is part of the 2020 Enchanted Woods Collection, about this collection:

The Sid Dickens Enchanted Woods Collection invites us to cast our gaze upwards and take in the beauty of the heavens. This collection fills our eyes with the wonders of the skies and the rich foliage framing them.

Grassy hedgerows bow down, laden with plump russet fruits exuding Perfection. Filigree and foliage unite in the Maple Leaf, while garlands of Fragrant flowers show that nature’s beauty cannot be surpassed. Sunset Roses express their love from the earth, as ancient trees flow towards the sky, reminding us of the primordial connection between heaven and earth. A wise owl sits in silence, holding the key to unlock knowledge. Angelic wings carry us through this pastoral scene, offering protection and certitude. Through appreciating the simplicity in nature’s resplendence, we realize what matters. Feeling Blessed is a result of living harmoniously and finding beauty in our surroundings.

Fresh skies and bountiful vegetation, a visual symphony. Through nature we connect with the divine. To live in symmetry with the earth brings abundant blessings.

Size: 6 x8 inches

Inscription: “Descending with a whisper, this wise spectator, holds the key for what we seek”

Please note that due to the handmade nature of the block slight differences may occur when compared to the image.

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Dimensions 15.24 × 20.32 cm