Mermaid T514 Sid Dickens Memory Block


Mermaid T514

Inscription: ‘Come near, hear my song. Fill your heart with the light of stars’.



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Mermaid T514

Mermaid T514 Sid Dickens Memory Block is part of the 2020 – OCEANIC Collection

About This Collection

The Sid Dickens Oceanic Collection breezes into summer, bringing the freshness of the salty sea air, along with the comforting nostalgia and hope for the future that comes with it.

Water as blue as sapphire is home to the most delightful, wise, and beautiful creatures. Here, playful and regal patterns intertwine and dance like schools of fish.

Rich details permeate the characters in their respective settings, showcasing love, patience, and balance with the natural world. The undersea sage provides Ancient Wisdom in the form of patience and stillness despite the tumultuous ocean of life.

The Seahorse strides through the valleys of the sea floor, making the world beneath the waves his ballroom.

The White Tulip reminds us to forgive our transgressions, and those of others, while blooming into a new beginning during this time in the world.

The Mermaid sings to us and her voice fills our hearts with the light of the very stars themselves.

The Oceanic Collection is Sid’s invitation to explore the serenity, magic, and mystery found in the depths of our world’s precious ecosystems.

Any blocks we don’t currently have in stock can be ordered and lead times can be discussed during your enquiry.

Size: 6X8 in. | Please note that slight differences, when compared to the image, should be expected due to the handmade nature of the Blocks.


Stunning handmade porcelain blocks by sculptor Sid Dickens, each unique in their own way and with a beautiful inscription on the reverse of each block.

Size: 6 x8 inches

Inscription: ‘Come near, hear my song. Fill your heart with the light of stars’.

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Dimensions 15.24 × 20.32 cm