When Pigs Fly T534 Sid Dickens Memory Block


When Pigs Fly T534

Inscription: ‘With a little imagination, anything is possible’.



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When Pigs Fly T534

This Sid Dickens Memory Block is part of the Season of Change Fall 2021 Collection, about this collection:

With Sid’s latest collection of Memory Blocks comes a changing of the seasons; a time of transformation where summer’s excitement and liveliness is transformed into a peaceful calm. Fall is a season of change where nature’s greenery turns to crimson, temperatures cool and people move inside to escape the incoming chill as the warm colours of fall erupt.

Sid showcases his whimsical side with “When Pigs Fly,” where anything is possible if we use our imaginations.  The “Ceiling Rose” symbolizes the freedom to speak your truths without fear of judgment and “Nature’s Glory” showcases all that life has to offer. The “Three Graces” remind us of all that is good in the world. Lastly, with the strength of a lion and the steady nature of the stag, the collection is complete with messages of peace and courage.

Sid Dickens’ Fall 2021 release features images of serenity with messages of resilience and strength. Through all the trials this past year has unveiled, hope and positivity has persevered. The Season of Change Collection invites us to unlock our imagination and rejoice in all that is good.

Inscription: ‘With a little imagination, anything is possible’.

Size: 6 x 8 inches

*Please note that due to the handmade nature of the blocks there may be some slight differences noticed when compared to the image.